The Saga of Mathematics

The Saga of Mathematics:
A Brief History

Martin Lewinter
William Widulski

Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0-13-034079-0

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For undergraduate-level courses in the History of Mathematics, or Liberal Arts Mathematics.

Perfect for the non-math major, this inexpensive paperback text uses lively language to put mathematics in an interesting, historical context and points out the many links to art, philosophy, music, computers, navigation, science, and technology. The arithmetic, algebra, and geometry are presented in a way that makes them relevant to daily life as well as larger issues.


* Many worked out examples in the text.
* Allows students to follow along step-by-step without getting lost.

* Plentiful collection of homework exercises—Ranging from easy to hard.
* Gives instructors a wide range of choices when assigning homework and allows students to check their comprehension of topics.

* Suggested Readings—Listed at the end of each chapter.
* Encourages students to learn more about those topics that interest them.

* Lively writing style.
* Makes the text engaging and fun to read.

* The math is presented in a historical context—Illustrates its relation to art, philosophy, music, computers, navigation, science, and technology.
* Shows non-math majors how mathematics applies to their majors and their lives.

* Original illustrations.
* Draws students into the text.
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